Friday, May 11, 2012

I Love My Job

How about some old school garage band punk for a Friday workday in the shop? I watched VH1 It Might Get Loud last night and looked up this old Jack White (The White Stripes) recording from when he was a teenager apprenticing at an upholstery shop in Detroit. I had read an article about this early colaboration, but didn't know they recorded an album. They worked all day, then swept up a place large enough to make some music.

I play lots of music while I work. Well, not personally, but it plays on the stereo computer. 

The White Stripes are a favorite from when I had to borrow all my son Billy's cds to play before internet radio or spotify. 
Funny story about Billy and The White Stripes...My mom got me a guitar for my 46th birthday. I struggled to learn a few chords and practiced until I could haltingly strum through one song. I sucked. Billy picked up the guitar one day and mastered it in hour. (I gave him the guitar.) The first thing he played for me made me think he was a little slow in the head though. Duh da duh duh da duhhhhh duhhhh....
Then I heard this on the radio and had to laugh. He'd figured out the first seven notes of this song:

This post is dedicated to all of my creative upholsterer cohorts everywhere!

Oh, and go kiss your mother.
Happy Mother's Day!


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